Cool Curation Tools

Cool Curation Tools

Sometimes, when I discuss curation with someone who isn't a library media specialist I see their eyes glaze over.  A few minutes later, the person will admit that they don't know what curation is.  I then blather on about storing information but recently I realized a picture (or in this case a video) is worth a thousand words.

I have compiled some of my favorite curation tools in the area below. Many of them are my favorites because they provide me with the following:

1. The ability to select what I share with the public.
2.  A format to share various online resources (video, images, etc.).
3.  They are free.*
4.  They are easy.
5.  I can use them to develop a professional network.
6.  I can use them with my students and other members of the school community.
7.  It helps me put information in one place so I can refer to it later.

Think of Livebinder as a virtual three-ring binder.  You pick what information to put in the your binder and you create the tabs where the information is stored. Livebinder does it all.  

You can use it a professional tool, as a personal tool, and as a tool to curate content for your students.  Some people even use it as a resume builder.


Storify gives you a chance to publish content that is retrieved from Twitter, RSS feeds, Google +, and much more. View a few samples here.

Instagram is an easy way to create visual memories. Many people use Instagram as a personal curation tool but it is great way to document what you are doing professionally.  

As a library media specialist,  I love Instagram because it's an easy way to document what is going on in the library.   Whether it's a video of the kids in the Lunch Bunch, a picture of the students reading or clips of co-teaching, Instagram is one way to "brand" the library and advertise what is happening inside and outside the library walls. 

Before using Instagram, make sure you are aware of the policies your district has for social media.

Edmodo is similar to Facebook but it is for your school community. I use it to store content for various lessons, as well as to share information and alerts to students and staff in my school.

Top Three Reasons to Use this with your Students
1.  It's private.
2.  You are able to select the content you share with the students.
3. You are able to select the content you share with others.

I love Edmodo so much that I made a video.

A great way to promote writing, KidBlog gives your students a chance to create a blog.  The teacher selects who is able to view the information and is able to add or delete users.

Top Three Reasons to Use KidBlog with Students.
1. Private.
2.  Promotes the writing process
3. Advertise 
View a sample here.

It seems like everyone uses Twitter now but not too many people use the Twitter List feature.
Curate your favorite Twitter Connections and hashtags by creating a list of Twitter users who discuss the topics you wish to focus on the most.  It's a great way to filter and curate all the information that comes your way.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video? Have you ever thought about making your own channel?  Produce your own channel by uploading videos.  You can even create a playlist of your favorite videos based on topics.  This curation tool can be used as a professional and personal tool.

Top Three Reasons to use YouTube as a curation tool.

1. Advertise your work.
2.  It's dynamic.
3.  Create a playlist of your favorites videos.

View the wmms_smartzone channel

Many people use Pinterest as a form of information.  You can also use it to curate your favorite Twitter favorites, images, videos, etc.

A dashboard for your favorite websites, Symbaloo is a great tool to use for all of those websites you visit the most or even the websites you want to visit but sometimes forget.

Symbaloo is also easy access for students and other users.

A few cautions when creating a Symbaloo:
1.  Less is more.
2.  Choose sites that are updated regularly.
3.  Don't be afraid to make changes.

A visual newspaper.  You select the links that you wish to use. even offers suggestions.  You can just scoop the links you want and discard the ones you don't want. samples

Watch the video to the right to learn how to use

Visit the livebinder that I created titled, Cool Curation Tools to get more information about these cool curation tools, as well as to gain access to quick tutorials.

* I mentioned that many of these are free and they are.  A number of them do ask for payment if you wish to enhance the tools and/or to increase the storage space.


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