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Planning for Next Year

Now is the time to do a bit of reflection.  The school year is winding down and I need to determine how I can AMP UP next year's library program.  Instead of depending on my memory to serve as a barometer for change, I am asking for teacher feedback. My hope is that their input will guide me as I decide what changes to make to the library program at our school.  Here are a few of the ideas rambling around in my head:

1.  Offer Tech Tuesdays once a month, where teachers can come into The SMaRTZone and participate in an Edcamp style workshop to discuss new technological tools and tricks.
2. Offer Tech Tuesdays once a month, where students can come to The SMaRTZone and present tips and tricks for students when it comes to various Web 2.0 technologies.  NOTE- Topic approval will be required.

For now, I am sending our a survey to teachers who used the library during the school year, to get a sense of what changes (if any) they would like to see in The SMaRTZone. Wish me luck.