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More 2 Come

I had an idea that I would post something before my next review.  Just so you would know I am serious about sharing information about books (sometimes technology).  My next review will be for a book titled, Flygirl, by Sherri L. Smith.  Let me just say, it was a wonderful read and I can't wait to share my thoughts with you.

I also want to share my thoughts with you regarding websites such as and, as well as the benefits of phone apps for books, such as the Kindle, the Nook, Amazon and Google.

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Matched Imperfectly

Matched (2010) by Ally Condie

I read this book after reading reviews that compared Matched to The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.

In order to prevent strife and turmoil, Cassia's society determines the daily meals of the citizens, as well as their careers and the whether a person will be able to marry and have children.  Those who are selected to be married must particpate in a Matching ceremony where they are introduced via teleprompter to the person they will marry.  It is at her matching ceremony, that Cassia is introduced to her match, her best friend, Xander, who lives on the same street.  It becomes more complicated when Cassia learns her Match may have been a mistake and her true match may be Ky, another neighbor boy.

My Musings
From the beginning, I saw the similar ties: the opening scene describing a routine society event, the society based on rules created to promote unity and safety, and a female character with a best friend who is a boy; however, the similarit…