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What am I reading?

Currently, I'm reading Just another Hero by Sharon M. Draper. It's a book I didn't get a chance to read when it was first released in 2009.

Premise-A continuation of The Battle of Jericho series, this book picks up with an incident of bullying in the school's pool area, November's return to high school (the main character in the second installment of the series, November Blues), a closer look at Arielle (a character who was easy to dislike in the previous books) and a poignant looked at the home life of Kofi, the likeable tech geek who is addicted to Oxycontin.

First Impressions-I'm enjoying it. I like various viewpoints that Draper provides into the lives of these teenagers. I'm also impressed with the fact that these teens, while representative of the African-American community, could be any student that you encounter in schools around the country or any teenager you see in the mall.

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A great book. Draper's depiction of these teenagers is on ta…