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Creating more co-teaching opportunities within the school community

For a number of years, I wondered,
"How can I get more teachers to work with me as they present units to their classes?"
I remembered the advice
I received from a library media specialist years ago. The advice was that I should work with those who wanted to work with me. For a number of years, this advice worked (somewhat). I presented PDs about online databases, the primary/secondary resources in the library, and the ways teachers could utilize the library collection to bring their units to life.

The one set back was the amount of teacher transition in our building. Each year a number of teachers would leave our building and nearly twenty percent of the teacher population would transfer, retire or leave the teaching profession. The relationships that had been formed would have to be formed again. With each new year, new teachers would arrive to the building and the cycle of introductions and advertising the library program and its resources would begin.  It became daunting and…

Tool I Want to Use Part One

Enhancing the library environment

During the summer of 2012, the library collection was weeded, the reference section was streamlined and moved to the back of the library, and the graphic novel/manga section was moved to the middle of the library.

Phase Two began a few weeks ago. Tables and chairs were removed in order to make an area where students can congregate, work on group projects, and take part in the new makerspace area.  Phase three will be the addition of posters, student art work, and a few other decorative touches to make it a more inviting area.

An interesting note is that phases two and three included the input of students and staff members. I also applied much of the information I learned about creating an inviting learning environment from my coursework.