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The beginning of the 2015-2016 school year has been a busy one in The SMaRTZone.  Sixth grade students received Library Orientation and checked out their first set of books.  Seventh and eighth graders also checked out books in The SMaRTZone and received information about Amnesty Week. Using the data from Library Trac, we have had 204 students visit the library independently, twenty class visits, and a total of 1306 students in the library for lessons, testing, lunch bunch, etc.

Thanks to prior planning , the end of the previous school year, Mrs. Thomas-Aulu and Ms. Love worked on a cyber bullying lesson that was shared with students in the seventh grade.  As a result of the lesson, a number of students created public service announcement (PSAs) regarding the hazards of cyber bullying.  The PowerPoints, Prezis, and videos will be shared with students at a later date.

The SMaRTZone will have a number of activities that students can take part in, after school.  Makerspaces will be debuted…