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Using PBL to Create a Space for the Arts in the School Library (Part 1)

During the summer, I had a chance to share information regarding the project based learning (PBL) activities I worked on with students last year.  One of the PBLs I worked on involved an artist and an organization called Young Audiences of Maryland.
Young Audiences of Maryland (YAMD) is an organization that offers schools the chance to request various artists and performers for school assemblies, workshops, and residencies, the organization reached out to me to share an opportunity.  Each year, they offer schools in Maryland a chance to apply for a residency program.  Last year, I applied and our school was selected.  

First, were a series of meetings which allowed me a chance to meet the artist with whom I was paired. My partner was McKinley Wallace, a painter.  During the meetings, we shared our visions, meshed our ideas, and planned a series of lessons. YAMD did a wonderful job of preparing the artist with the expectations of sound lesson planning, as well as preparing me with knowle…

What can we do?: The Power of Educators

The past week has been a sea of emotions.  Last Thursday, I was reveling in my role as a school librarian.  As an first-time attendee of the National Conference of African American Librarians (NCAAL) in Atlanta, Georgia, I had the chance to meet authors that my students and I had talked about on numerous occasions.  Not only did I have a chance to meet Sharon Draper, Nikki Grimes, Susan G. Flake, Carole Boston-Weatherford, and Jason Reynolds, I was able to talk to them and ask questions.  
The conference was also a chance for me to meet with librarians in college libraries and public libraries. I was in heaven as we discussed ways to build communities within our library programs. I was entranced whenever someone shared new initiatives in their library spaces, and I was ecstatic when we could just sit down and talk about the various challenges we faced as librarians. In each encounter, there was honest conversation and a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I fel…

Reading for Empathy: #CharlottesvilleCurriculum

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