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THE Answer

Months ago, as I was preparing to leave for the ISTE conference, I read an article in The New York Times about staffing cuts in public libraries.  The article also discussed budget cuts in the school libraries around the U.S. Due to budget cuts, some school systems in Oregon and Illinois chose to cut library programs as an answer to saving money. The answer (I thought) was ridiculous. The article angered me so much that I had to write.  This poem titled, THE Answer was created.

Thinking about the poem, The Hangman by Maurice Ogden, I tried to create a piece that would highlight the absurdity that closed libraries don't affect student performance.  Keep in mind, it's a work in progress.  One of the first people I showed this to compared it to a Dr. Seuss story.  Not exactly what I was going for... Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

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THE Answer by T.K. Love Into our school, the governor came to …