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Back to School Night

Here are the LibraryTrac results for our school during the past month.

The first graph shows the information regarding students' independent use of the library. Compared to previous months, the number of independent student visits to the library have decreased.  

One of the reasons for the decrease is the fact that I chose to bring smaller numbers of students to the library during lunch shifts.  This was an effort to decrease concerns expressed regarding student behavior as students exited the library. 
During this time, we also had seven, snow days.  With the delays and snow days, a library sponsored field trip became a primary focus.  Information regarding the field trip will supplied later in the week.
The second graph shows data related to class visits to the library. Many of the class visits to the computer lab were related to MAP testing.  The other class visits were sixth grade classes that completed a library media specialist led lesson related to mood.

PARCC testing (which wil…
I'm excited! I will be able to attend the ISTE Conference in June.  I look forward to learning about the innovative practices that are occurring around the world.